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Hello everyone! Thanks so much for stopping into my channel, Coursecharter. My real name is Ian and I use Medium to publish stories on produtivity, coaching, communication and general well-being!

I have started a new publication, called Productive People to host productivity focused content, so please check it out and feel free to request to write for it!

I also host my own blog which has a wider array of content, including posts on how I am charting my own course in life, so feel free to engage with me there!

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Watch out, Newhouse Family

Medium makes it very easy to start your own publication, I gave myself 4 days to create one, and by the first evening, it was up and running. I am so glad I found Medium.

I decided to write this after reading Boateng Sekyere’s piece on creating your own publication. It was very timely as I just had launched my own and decided to reflect on my own experience.

Why start a publication

I only recently started writing on Medium. While I am always writing for work, I am just now writing for those not in my company. I really enjoy some of the…

How to use the Hero’s Journey to connect in the business world

I have to communicate complex financial numbers and change strategies quite often in my job. Sometimes I sit in front of a blank PowerPoint for 15 minutes before I write my first word. I pause because I am thinking about what flow the information should follow to connect with the audience. Also, the audience tends to be from different cultures and work histories, making it quite challenging to get them all to have the same response. When I read Connection, it became clear how the hero’s journey is the path to connecting with stakeholders.

My first corporate connection story

I first realized the power of…

Over 200 tools catalogued, and things are clear to me

card drawer
card drawer

I am now a firm believer in tool diversification. In business, every investment case submission has a section for “Alternative Options”. With that in mind, I said the first thing I should do when launching the Productive People platform is making a massive database of the tools we would likely talk about. The database would help cross-reference which content mentions which tools.

I started on Friday, and only now on Monday do I feel like I have the beta version out. I want to avoid putting out articles that say “The Top 10 Tools for Sales” and instead focus on…

Become a productive person, literally

Knowing you are interested in being productive, let’s make this super simple!

people on laptops
people on laptops

Become a writer

  1. Check out our Notion page for more information on what we are about:
  2. Fill out this quick form:
  3. Wait 1–3 days and you will be added as a writer
  4. Introduce yourself on the PP Discord server:!

Submit your story

Once added as a writer, feel free to submit up to one story every 24 hours. Make sure you understand the target audience of the publication when writing and submitting for best chance of publication!


  • If you are writing about a single piece of software, please ensure the software…

Creating work-life balance with mental state triggers

I have only sat in the same office as my manager for five months in the last four years. My teams have always stretched across the globe, and I have travelled a lot. But until recently, I wasn’t spending too much time developing my business, so there was less of a need to isolate my corporate work life.

But since starting this new brand, my thoughts often jump between creating product plans for my corporate gig and my brand like a game of pong. …

My new resolve after reading Adam Minter’s book, Secondhand

It was a typical occurrence in my household that we would get up early on the weekend and drive out to a thrift shop. But this Sunday was different from the others. I had my own money in my pocket now. Saved up from what I’m sure my ten-year-old self equated to hell’s own workshare program. I walk through the aisles of secondhand clothing and shoes wonder what I could spend my money on. I stumble across a basket full of used CDs. I pick up the one on top. I have absolutely no idea who the band is, but…

I stopped chasing an all-in-one solution and instead built a stack of the best tools for the job

paper and computer productive
paper and computer productive

I was always trying to find the best way to squeeze my whole life into one application. While I honestly believe the more connections built in a Life Operating System (LOS), the better, I felt I was constantly pushing the boundaries of tools too far, trying to get them to be all-in-one systems.

Therefore, I decided to drop the assumption that one app can cover the entirety of life and pick the best product for the job. I am embracing a ‘stack’ methodology. In the IT world, what technologies you use are typically abbreviated into a ‘stack.’

For example, a…

Other cultures are the key to richer thinking

Whether by design or not, I rarely thought of the world outside my home state in the USA growing up. When I went to college in a neighbouring state, West Virginia, I felt like I was on a different planet. But when I made my first two international trips in March 2016, I got my first reckoning on what I thought I knew. Therefore, I want to share my journey the last four years across the world. I hope that if you are like I was in 2016, looking to widen your perspective on life, you might find some inspiration.

Why would you ever want to leave the USA?

Hi Lucas! If using SCRUM, I will simply carry over the same task to the next sprint (2-week period). I will usually have a checkbox on the item 'late?' and check 'yes' if its been delayed or carried over to a later sprint. this is just so I can track late patterns in the future. I personally use a combination of Notion/Clickup/MS Office to manage my work, but professionally I have had good success with SCRUM in JIRA. Though most all tools can handle light Scrumming for personally planning. Make sure you set up the time to plan, and then experiment with 1-3 tools over 1-3 sprints on free trials!

Ian Drummond

Self-improvement | Communication | Innovation | Work Management | Sustainability |US->HK->DK

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